Vittorio Minacori

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I was involved as technical expert in several EU, national and regional research projects.

Now, I'm working to build the next generation web apps supporting startups and amazing projects.


Web Applications and Integrated Systems
RESTful Web Services and APIs
SQL and NoSQL Databases
PHP, Node.js
Blockchain, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Solidity
DApps, Truffle Framework, Web3.js
HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Sass, Twig
JavaScript, AngularJS, Polymer, jQuery, WebRTC
Semantic Web and Ontology Engineering
JSON-LD, RDFs and Microdata
Social and 3rd-party APIs
Amazon Web Services
Android, iOS
Augmented Reality
Grunt, Gulp, Bower, npm, Git

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Blockchain Developer

Jan 2018 - now

Blockchain Developer

May 2017 - now

Catania CT IT
Senior Web Developer

April 2014 - now

JO Group
Catania CT IT
Software Engineer, Web and Mobile Developer, Systems Integrator

November 2009 - March 2014 (4 years, 5 months)

PMF Research
Catania CT IT
Software Engineer, Full Stack Developer

January 2012 - March 2014 (2 years, 3 months)

VITECO e-Learning Solutions
Catania CT IT
Software Engineer, Full Stack Developer, e-Learning Specialist

November 2009 - January 2014 (4 years, 3 months)

HT Web Applications
Catania CT IT
Software Engineer, Full Stack Developer

January 2013 – November 2013 (11 months)

Taormina ME IT
IT Manager, e-Learning Specialist

January 2011 – October 2013 (2 years, 10 months)


FriendsFingers is an open-source Decentralized Application (DApp) built on Smart Contracts running on Ethereum Blockchain. FriendsFingers helps startups and small businesses to start a trustworthy Crowdsale and issue an ERC20 Token with no setup costs and zero lines of code required. Using FriendsFingers, you can easily deploy an Ethereum Smart Contract that will hold contributor’s money until any given date or goal is reached. Depending on the outcome, the funds will either be released to the project owners or safely returned back to the contributors. Since the code is open and auditable, all of this is possible without requiring a centralized arbitrator, clearing house or having to trust anyone. You can even use the token you create to keep track of the distribution of rewards. Furthermore, Shaka (HAK), an ERC20 Token issued by FriendsFingers, will give holders rights to be active part on platform key decisions like in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Project name: FriendsFingers

AidCoin is the ERC20 token that aims to become the preferred method to donate transparently through the Ethereum blockchain and to access the ecosystem of services provided by the AIDChain platform. The adoption of cryptocurrencies will impact the way we donate in the future, and AidCoin is poised to play a leading role in this new era of fundraising.

Project name: AidCoin

CharityStars is the foremost online auction platform that raises money for non-profit organisations through exclusive online auctions and raffles with globally recognised celebrities and brands. Our goal is to bridge the gap between fans, their idols and the charity sector. We believe that celebrities have an invaluable opportunity to influence real changes. Anything can be auctioned, from a signed football jersey, lunch with a famous actor to a meet & greet with a rockstar. More than 200 celebrities and brand partners including Maradona, James Blunt, David Coulthard, Ferrari, AC Milan, SkySport and more choose to work with us for the benefit of over 300 charities both great and small, including international organisations such as Emergency, Oxfam and Save The Children.

Project name: CharityStars

The first social betting network. 
Connect with other tipsters and 
get to the next level of betting.

Project name: Nextwin

Salty is the App that helps you find the professional best suited for the job performance you need. Your simple, unique Job advisor.

Project name: Salty

The project aims at developing a "social mobile application" addressed to improve services provided by commercial or cultural places. The project idea, developed with researchers from University of Catania, is to build a platform that provides heterogeneous services specifically implemented on mobile devices. Central role in the project is covered by the development of a new core functionality that aims to create an indoor localization system capable of referring to customized maps using Arduino and Android.

Project name: Indoor Location

Semantic Sicily partnership aims to develop research in the field of semantic web for a growing range of information to fit the needs of companies operating in different economic fields. The technological platform developed in the project is based on modern cloud computing technologies. The semantic core will be used as starting point for development of vertical application across a wide range of business sectors. These applications include e-learning, semantic document management, semantic network, voice recognition and text mining, real-time translation, reverse engineering, semantic web GIS, ERP, etc.

Project name: Semantic Sicily

This project aims to develop a methodology based on the use of multi‐sensory architecture and computational intelligent paradigms to improve the indoor use of by the elderly and vulnerable people. The system will employ a network architecture in which nodes are multi‐sensory responsible for monitoring the location of users within the environment and the state of the environment. This will make it possible to estimate the user‐environment interaction and provide the necessary information for the visually impaired use a secure and efficient environment.

Project name: RESIMA

The fe:male network helps women increase self‐confidence and life skills in order to develop their business ideas and become successful entrepreneurs. Fe:male was run by a consortium of organizations across five European countries that was working together to support and develop female entrepreneurship across Europe. The group came together to develop the vocational and personal development training available across Europe in order to support women and give them the skills needed to start up in business.

Project name: fe:male

Research shows that certain social, economic and personal factors increase the effects of "Not being in Employment, Education or Training (NEET)". These include having a disability, gender, coming from an immigrant or migrant background or living in remote areas. There is little targeted support for these subgroups, which require much more specific support to help with their individual needs to access the labour market. Y2W provides a tailored support programme to enable NEETs to gain valuable soft skills and competencies to aid job-seeking employability.

Project name: Youth 2 Work

The aim of SMILEY is to implement awareness‐raising programs in schools realizing the specific courses facing the most current social topics. The methodology developed within the project are implemented in some schools and educational institutes in EU and other Associated Countries and the direct benefit and impact focused on educational staff and students.

Project name: SMILEY


I studied Computer Engineering at the University of Catania. Catania CT IT

I have performed several research projects during my undergraduate studies.


Development of a web service and of an HTML5 interface for users profiling and for users recommendation based on user attention on queries or learning resources.

Project name: Users recommendation in Attention Metadata based Recommender System

Development of a peer to peer system, accessible by desktop or dedicated mobile apps, for car sharing management. Integration of intermediate routes computation using Bing Maps API.

Project name: WebTrip

Development of a Java server side e-commerce application. Development of an Android application to search products based on proximity computed by GPS or Wifi network. This project was submitted to the “Telecom Sinfonia Toolkit” contest.

Project name: WallDrink!

Development of a C++ application for video processing, object detection, pattern recognition and shadow removal using OpenCV library.

Project name: Object detection and shadow removal from video stream

I developed my thesis at the Department of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications at the University of Catania. I worked on the design and implementation of a semantic courseware application for e-learning systems.

Project name: Semantic application for e-Learning Systems


I love art, in all its forms: painting, music, movie, football and object-oriented programming too :)

I'm always interested in innovation regarding blockchain, web applications and innovation tools.

Semantic Web


I'm based in Catania... and on network too.